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The International Conference on Design is a conference whose main purpose is to promote and deepen international dialogue and relations in order to expand scientific and cultural cooperation on a design-related topic using the ideas of global experts, thinkers and thinkers. The third event of the conference focuses on future perspectives on design culture and art. Paying attention to the future of culture, design and art, while being considered as a challenging category, also makes it necessary to address it, as the fate of culture is tied to the fate of human beings and emphasizes the importance of the human future.

Culture is a dynamic phenomenon and, in this regard, it is always influenced by several factors. The economic and technological development of the 21st century, which led to the growth and transformation of various fields of design, also overshadowed the phenomenon of culture and new cultural issues, which can be avoided in the future of design. In this regard, a two-way relationship can be defined between the two factors of culture and design; each culture, based on its characteristics, creates artifacts, and on the other hand, these artifacts themselves create a new culture in society. Therefore, the creation of any artificial in the future requires adherence to the future conditions, customs, beliefs and rituals of society. As the name implies, this field is larger than considering works or art or design as separate artifacts and seeks to examine the cultural networks in which these artifacts play a role. This reflects the impact of material culture studies and visual and cultural studies on the history of art and design. Design as an expression of culture (is) is to consider the cultures that we have inherited from the past and should be given for the benefit of future generations, so that the past and the future, tangible and intangible, innovation and tradition are intertwined.

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International Confence on


Future Perspectives on Art and Design Cultures

Italy,Turin | July 2023

The Secretariat of the International Conference on Design is proud to invite all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists of scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in this important international event by participating in various programs of the conference and presenting the latest scientific and executive achievements. Provide the ground for achieving the above goals.

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