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Art is a phenomenon that has always played an effective role in human life and has long been the subject of thought by scholars. If different schools of thought, politics and belief consider art as an effective tool for the development of different concepts and education in society, they have used it in the cultivation of humans in a manner that is appropriate to their goals. Most art scholars agree that the art of the oldest human and social phenomena has existed in different periods of different cultures and societies, and played a significant role in all social issues, and its epistemological role in the period Different material and spiritual life of society has played a special role.
Therefore, the Faculty of Arts of Al-Zahra University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran and the Institute of Afam Arts Ins., are planning to host an international conference entitled Architecture Conference, Interior Architecture, and Industrial Design. Other goals of this conference are the introduction of new and innovative concepts in the common areas of architecture, interior design, industrial design, and other issues related to the conferences. The Secretariat of the International Design Conference invites all the experts, experts, students, researchers and scientists from the scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in this diverse conference in this important international event and present the latest scientific and executive achievements. Provide the ground for achieving the above goals.

Conference Date

20-21 February 2019

Full Paper`s and Artwork`s Submission Deadline

17 January 2019

Full Paper`s and Artwork`s Acceptance

26 January 2019

Registration Deadline

30 January 2019

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The environment

-Designing for sustainable material, products, services and energies

-Designing for sustainable economy and businesses

-Designing for promoting sustainable manners

-Designing and saving the environment

-Design’s role in water crisis

Entrepreneurship and Industrial products

-Architecture and Industrial Design approach in new businesses

-Reviewing the challenges in the businesses regarding

-Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design majors.

-A different approach to entrepreneurship in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design majors.

Education and Futurology

-New trends in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design education.

-Scientific-workshop activities’ role in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design education.

-The importance of educating design through 3D softwares in developing Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design.

-The confrontation of Engineers and Designers with focus on their educational methods.

-The relation between technology and grasping the world in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design education.

-The role of rationalism and empiricism in Architecture and Industrial Design education.

-Importance and usage of educational centers and their methods of communication with professional environment.

-The future of Architecture, Interior Architecture and the direction of designers towards new technologies

New Technologies

-Industrialization and prefabrication in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design

-New technologies and design process

-Artificial Intelligence , media and design process in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design

-Upgrading and optimizing materials and construction methods with the recyclability of the material

-Conjunction of design and production and using the materials in the Architectural design process as a comprehensive process

Iranian Design

-Reviewing the effects of non-Iranian Architecture on native Architecture and Interior decorations.

-Using the available symbols in Islamic-Iranian Architecture style in Interior Architecture

-The dynamics of Iranian motifs in Interior Architecture

-Designing based on native architecture

-How to apply concepts and aesthetic patterns in Architecture and native products of Iran in Environmental Design

-Importance of Iranian rug in Interior Design, direct and indirect effects of rugs on Interior Design and furniture

-Recognizing the rug patterns, colors and its evolution, pathology of rugs’ importance in today’s design


-Factors affecting the export performance of stones and building materials based on a producer-based approach

-New Marketing Impact on Handmade Carpet Export

-Sustainable development and export of products (furniture, carpets, building materials)

-Impact of customer-centric export on export financial performance

-HAssess and prioritize the barriers to the export of stones

-IThe role of design and creativity in the development of handmade carpet export

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